About Personal Training

You may be wondering what I can do, that you can’t do alone? Well, Personal Training with me is not just turning up for an hour and going home… It’s your journey, before I even book you in, we go through a consultation period. This is how your journey with me will look.

You will either email, call or text me to ask about PT sessions and how much they cost. I will then suggest we meet up for a coffee before committing to anything so that I can decide if I will be the best trainer for you. I will ask you lots of questions about what you want to achieve, how quickly you want to achieve it and why. Then and only if I truly believe I can help you, we can book some sessions for you. The first session is fairly gentle and will also involve measurement taking, weight recording and photographs, this is all to use as a measurable indicator of how quickly we are reaching your goals. Then we continue each session until a stage where you no longer require my help! Throughout the journey we will have constant contact, usually through your own private WhatsApp group, this is anything from motivation, reminders, questions and answers, food issues, literally anything you need to help make your journey easier, more enjoyable and to help you reach your goals.

Personal Training sessions start from £25 Per Hour Off Peak and £35 per hour Peak.

I often have a waiting list, so it is worth getting in contact even if you are not ready to start just yet.

Programs are always bespoke to you and no one size fits all, we usually try to work out what you want/need over our coffee consultation. At the end of the consultation even if you are ready to sign up, I do not allow you to sign up until the following day at the earliest. This is so you never feel pressured into signing up and do so in a comfortable environment.



What we do

  • Personal Training
  • Fitness Classes
  • Macro analysis
  • Family bootcamps
  • Weight loss specialist
  • Pre and Post natal specialist
  • Weekend events
  • Fitness challenges
  • Group PT
  • School events for KS1 and KS2
  • Multiple clubs and activities for active familes