Fiona joined for Personal Training back in November 2016, in just 4 months this was her transformation! Don’t forget this period includes Christmas eating and celebrations too! Her fitness levels, posture and figure all transformed drastically in such a short space of time.

Meg is one of my lovely mummies, this was some of her fantastic progress early 2017, Meg is still training with me on a weekly basis.

Rob Joined our classes back in October 2016, his aim was to become fitter and healthier, for him the weight loss is a bonus! In 2017 Rob started Personal Training with me and his fitness levels have rocketed! Health and fitness has now become an integral part of Robs life and his enthusiasm is quite clear from his pictures.

Amy joined me in late 2017 and her results are already quite phenomenal and I know she plans to train with me for the foreseeable future and I can’t wait to see her progress.

Back in October 2016 we held our 1st away weekend! It was an action packed weekend involving a huge obstacle course, complete with ninja warrior warped wall! Everybody took part in the obstacle course, archery tag, outdoor bootcamp, early morning personal training, barbecues and camping. Keep an eye out on our calendar for similar events!

Tanya took part in our 10 week fitness challenge last year and absolutely smashed it! This just goes to show what can be achieved with a combination of the right mindset and the best backup!